So I’ve been spending a lot of time just reading and going through a fair few people’s blogs, and its so heartening to see how encouraging we are about each other’s work. Everyone here has so many individual thoughts on such a vast variety of things and they really do feel what they’re pinning down in their posts. ‘Shape Your Life’ I’ve noticed you’ve been the most encouraging to all of us, following us and making sure we’ve got that extra drop of encouragement to keep going. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you can change someone’s perspective on things, or maybe even someone’s life by doing something so small it seems almost insignificant. But seriously, that one ‘Like’ changes everything, and a single comment on your entire blog even, makes it all the more worthwhile! “Smash‘ and ‘Clothospinning‘ you excel there. You are generous with your posts and certainly carry the torch of encouragement that extra step further 🙂 And then you have ‘Shiedlcamouflage,’ ‘Ohiocook,’ ‘Beckarooney‘ and ‘Seekingkhan‘ just as great with their time where you guys just take a few minutes off to make someone’s day. It’s incredible how much talent lies hidden within the bloggers themselves and all of a sudden it comes out in some brilliant post you guys have done. It’s very exhilarating to read up on our work and we get to know each other better just by the blogs alone! I was telling my friend the other day how great it is to be able to write, put yourself out there and let others see you for what you are. And so far I’ve seen great! 😀 To all the writers out there, the aspiring ones, the ones who put the articles down for one, or with a goal in mind, do follow whatever dream it is you possess. What you write inspires somebody out there, and whether whoever has breezed on by after enjoying your post, or whether they’ve loved it and can only hit ‘Like,’ it’s so important to follow the dream. Keep doing what you do and you’ll be the best at it someday. I’m having so much fun reading and writing and its simply amazing to see others do that too. Here’s to sharing the world with more inspirational folk like you and I wish all the bloggers and writers out there the very Very best 🙂