IMG_0823So today I sat down in front of one of my favorite shows ‘E-News’ and yes, I still love ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ no matter how weird it gets. Seems like this is totally the year for babies. They are literally crawling out from everywhere right! How cool is it that some of my friends are sharing their kids birthdays with Prince William and Princess Kate, Jessica Simpson and Channing hotness Tatum’s little bubs not to mention ‘NorthWest” :p lol! My daughter just missed being a 2013. More’s the pity, but nevertheless she doesn’t realize she’s not in the ‘fame studded lucky year list,’ and continues to perform like a star with her baby babble and attitude! I also have a 3 year old son thoroughly impressed by the little madame and now he keeps squealing ‘I’m a princess too mummy!” Oh to be in a house full of baby giggles and to be surrounded by the things they say…and don’t! No one told my 6 month old daughter that while she airs herself out she shouldn’t be peeing on the hall tiles. I found her quietly babbling to a suspicious looking puddle on the floor this morning while her bare knees slithered excitedly trying to balance itself in a little pool of pee. Kids!

Its summer right now and totally hot. We live in Dubai so we’re battling it out Middle Eastern style and trying to brave it through like the desert sheiks and sheikas that we are. Its not easy when you have a three year old a little bored to tears wanting to riot in a space wider than our living room. I haven’t taken to driving the streets in style just yet because I’m a newbie to the steering section of life so I decided to play-doh him out instead. Being a great lover of the stovetop I wanted to cook him something delicious looking. It ended with laughter from his side, sighs of happiness from mine and great praise to this marvelous recipe I found online.

N.B.- For cream of tartar substitution put in white vinegar to that quantity or a little less..

You can even bake the figurines and it makes for cute ‘kiddie ornaments’ to treasure I baked a crocodile medium sized 130’c for half an hour on greased baking paper. You need some clear varnish brushed over for preserve and durability too
The doughy creatures made at home came out well, although when there’s extra heat circulating the house I might recommend kneading a drop more vegetable oil in after everything’s done if the finished product is still sticky. But if you must reheat then its best done on a flat frying pan. Littla man and I had a ball all the way! Here are some of his finished doh products. Not Van Gogh by any stretch of imagination, but he is happy and he played for hours! Chalk up one for the “Summer Mummers’ Team! My anticipation now lies in this; what will tomorrow bring??